Chapter meetings and events

Chapter meetings

Agile Leadership Network 8th Chapter Meeting

Agile in Business Intelligence & Analytics


September 02, 2015
3:30 pm to 6:00 pm


Target Corporation India Limited
Embassy Golf Links Business Park, Off Koramangala Intermediate Ring Road
Bengaluru, Karnataka

The organizing team of ALN Bengaluru Chapter is happy to announce the 8th Chapter Meeting on September 02, 2015 and the theme of the session is “Agile in Business Intelligence & Analytics”

We would like to thank our hosts Target Corporation India Ltd. for supporting ALN and the agile community.

Come be part of this free knowledge sharing session and network amongst fellow agile enthusiasts. Looking forward to seeing you.

Event Details & Registration Link: http://alnbengaluruchaptermeeting8.doattend.com/

P.S: Help us spread the word in your respective work places and network

Program details



Session 1: Is BI and Agile an Oxymoron? – 4:00 pm

Its been a long journey for Agile in product development or support areas. There are well established organizations where the usage of Agile has been remarkable. Why don’t we hear as much in the BI space when it comes to Agile? This talk is about how you can change this perception and leverage the goodness and effectiveness of being Agile in the BI space. BI is so vast that there are different areas where you can bring in the principles and process of Agile. I will also be sharing on how we are trying to be different in this space by incorporating XP, Scrum, Kanban and Agile principles to transform the way we do development and support our businesses.

Raghu Kashyap – Sr Director Technology, Managing Director at Orbitz India

Raghu Kashyap serves as the Sr Director of Technology at Orbitz Worldwide. Raghu possesses an extensive background in technology and travel and leads the Data Infrastructure functions at Orbitz Worldwide. Raghu’s team leverages Hadoop extensively to augment traditional BI/DW and unlock the joy of travel for its customers and drive business performance.  Raghu also heads the Bangalore development center of Orbitz which focuses on application development,  data science and EDW platform enablement

Linkedin: https://in.linkedin.com/in/raghukashyap

Session 2: Panel Discussion – Enterprise Agile Adoption Challenges – 5:15 pm


  1. Raghu Kashyap – Orbitz
  2. Panelist 2 – TBD
  3. Panelist 3 – TBD
  4. Panelist 4 – TBD

**Seats are limited. We will close registrations as soon as we meet the limit. 




June 5th, 2014

Importance of knowledge and application of skill for organization agility

Session 1: Knowledge Era Paradigms – 6:00 pm

The talk elucidates how the traditional engineering & management practices in software industry are influenced by the 300 years of Industrial Era experiences, how software industry needs a paradigm shift in the knowledge era  and how Agile principles  are rooted in knowledge era paradigms. The talk addresses the key paradigm shifts in Knowledge Era and brings clear understanding of the fundamental rationale behind Agile principles & practices.

About Vishweshwar Hegde:

Vishweshwar Hegde (Vishu) is in IT industry for the last 28+ years. He has worked in organizations like Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Aeronautical Development Agency, Motorola, Mindtree in various roles like R&D, hardware & software development, project management, delivery management, Quality and Business Excellence. Before joining PM Power Consulting, he was Senior VP & global Head of Business Excellence at Mindtree. Currently he is engaged with multiple companies in training, coaching & consulting in Agile Transformation, project management, Delivery Excellence and Strategic Consulting areas. He is active in industry forums like NASSCOM & BSPIN. He holds a bachelors degree in Electronics & Communication from Mysore University and Masters in Computer Science from IISc, Bangalore. His other areas of interest include Trekking, Hindustani Music, practicing Yoga & Homeopathy, study of ancient wisdom and applying it to contemporary management, leadership areas.

Session 2: Is TDD Dead?  – 7:00 pm

Recently DHH stirred a heated debate in the Tech Community by stating “TDD is dead.” His main concern was with the value of Unit Test (tests which test objects in isolation without any dependencies) esp on Rails projects, the red-green-refactor cycle and test-induced damage through using mocks to drive architecture.

In this interactive, story-telling session, Naresh Jain will take you on a journey of TDD’s evolution from its birth till date. We’ll look at various benefits and flaws of TDD. Various claims of TDD and their practicality. Naresh will also share his personal experience having practiced TDD for over a decade.

About Naresh:

Naresh Jain is an internationally recognized Technology & Process Expert. Over the last decade, he has helped to deliver mission critical enterprise applications at many Fortune 500 companies like Google, Amazon, HP, Siemens Medical, GE Energy, Schlumberger, EMC, to name a few.

!! Free dinner and networking post the session talks !!

**We do not want to over order food and waste. Please register only if you really intend to attend.

**Seats are limited. We will close registrations as soon as we meet the limit.


AGILE LEADERSHIP NETWORK Bangalore 6thChapter Meeting

(This is a free event; seats are limited first come first served, so register today)

Theme :  Impact of Lean Thinking Culture on Business

Date : 19th November 2013, Tuesday

Time : 3.15 pm to 5.30 pm

Venue :  Software AG Bangalore Technologies Pvt Ltd, 1st Floor, Wing B, Electra,
Exora Bussiness Park , Marathahalli Sarjapur Outer Ring Road,  Bangalore 560103

Registration link :   http://alnbengaluruchaptermeeting6.doattend.com

Session 1 :   Lean transformation in reality

In his talk Christoph will share his experiences discovering and applying the lean principles to improve software development in a large, distributed organization and how to scale the practices from small teams to larger organizational units. He will be touching upon several aspects like organizational change, building a Lean Thinking culture, its impact on business, the challenges and strategies from a leader and a practitioner’s perspective. 

About the speaker:

Hans-Christoph Rohland is the Senior Vice President, R&D webMethods at Software AG. He leads the global R&D team for the webMethods product line at Software AG. Before that he assumed different roles including leading the SAP NetWeaver Engineering team, leading the Java Server Technology team at SAP, founding the SAP LinuxLab, and developing core parts of the SAP R/3 application server. In Software AG,  Christopher led the transformation of the webMethods team distributed over more than 15 locations all over the world into a highly aligned distributed organization through the adoption of Lean and Agile processes.  As a hands-on Process architect and a Change Leader, he has helped design the way webMethods develops and delivers its software as well as creating empowered leaders and teams that practice Lean and the Continuous Improvement model.

Break & Networking

Session 2:  Presentation/Talk

  • Lightening Talks from Attendees
  • Panel Discussion

Parking : There is enough parking available, the security will guide for parking, in case of any problems please contact Harish Krishnaswamy(Mobile No:9886377901)

**Seats are limited. We will close registrations as soon as we meet the limit. Please register only if you really intend to attend. (This is a free event; seats are limited first come first served, so register today)



Theme : Leadership and Transformation Agility

Date : 19th September 2013, Thursday

Time : 3.15 pm to 5.30 pm

Venue :  Happiest Minds,  Smiles 3 Campus,  Suhas Park , 91 Ring Road ( Old HP office), Opposite to RobortBosh and STPI office

3rd Cross Road, Electronics City Phase 1, Electronics City, Bangalore KA 560100

This is a free event; seats are limited first come first served, so register today  http://alnbengaluruchaptermeeting5.doattend.com/

Registration at venue begins at 3.15pm

Session 1, Topic :    Agile Transformation Journey@Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories

Speaker: Vijay Mudakkayil , Engineering Director and India R&D Site Manager, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories,   LinkedIn profile :  http://www.linkedin.com/in/vijaymudakkayil

Abstract :  This is an experience sharing talk by Vijay at Genesys,  during the talk he will  share the experience with the Agile transformation program and also would like to highlight the real business impact of such process improvement programs.  The attendees of this session would understand the business significance of any process transformation programs.

Session 2, Topic :  Leadership Agility – Organizational Agility,  

Speaker :Naveen Nanjundappa, Chief Agilist, SolutionsIQ India.,

LinkedIn profile:http://www.linkedin.com/pub/naveen-nanjundappa/16/b0b/38

Abstract :“Agile doesn’t work for me, my team and my organization” have you heard or experienced this, if so this presentation gives you an insight about how leadership is responsible for driving the transformation. Speaker shall focus on the leadership agility levels and organizational agility parameters, Naveen would discuss the aspects that connect the leadership style and culture. “Leadership bring culture to organization and culture builds leadership agility”


Happiest Minds, Smiles-3,

Suhas Park , 91 Ring Road ( Old HP office), Opposite to RobortBosh and STPI office

3rd Cross Road, Electronics City Phase 1, Electronics City, Bangalore, KA 560100

Landmark :

Opposite to STPI, India, Cyber Park and RobortBosh

Driving Directions:

Take first left (right Lords Plaza) after Electronic City Phase 1 flyover, take 3rd left, Genpact in the left,  opposite to RobortBosh, the venue will be in the left.

Security  : Participants need to check-in their laptops if you carry one

Parking : There is enough parking available, the security will guide for parking, in case of any problems please contact Suresh  (Mobile No:9845055972)

Event registration->  http://alnbengaluruchaptermeeting5.doattend.com/

Agile Leadership Network website ->https://alnbengaluru.wordpress.com/chapter-meetings-and-events/


Agile Leadership Network – Bengaluru: 4th Chapter meeting

11th July 2013, 4pm to 6.30pm

Venue : Aricent Group, No.18/1, Outer Ring Road, Panathur Post, Bangalore – 560 103

This is a free event; seats are limited first come first served, so register today http://alnbengaluruchaptermeeting4.doattend.com/

Registration at venue begins at 4.15 pm

Session 1 : Is there an agile nirvana?

Speaker: Udayan Banerjee – VP at NIIT Technologies Ltd


Is there one ideal agile process which one should try to achieve? The answer is no. Every software project has certain unique characteristics that would influence what type of agile process that one should use. Based on more than a decade of experience of agile project execution we have identified eight dimensions on which any specific project can be characterized. This talk would present a framework of how you can tailor your agile processes and adopt practices that would be right for your specific project.

Speaker Profile:

Session 2: Agile Test Automation

Speaker: Narayan Raman – CEO of Tyto Software Pvt. Ltd


We will briefly explore the various areas where Test Automation can fit into an agile process and how it can speed up delivery.

Speaker Profile:

Venue: https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=embed&hl=en&q=12.93848,77.69275

Security – Participants need to check-in their laptops if you carry one

Parking – The security will guide for parking, in case of any problems please contact Karthik Kamal Balasubramaniam (Mobile No: 9620817676)

Event registration-> http://alnbengaluruchaptermeeting4.doattend.com/

Agile Leadership Network website ->https://alnbengaluru.wordpress.com/chapter-meetings-and-events/


Thanks for the making 3rd ALN chapter meeting a success, below are the presentation material

Innovation games by Valtech

Organizational change Management Agile Transformation Journey by Murthy @ Alcatel Lucent

Agile Leadership Network 3rd Chapter meeting

Date : Feb 7 Thursday, 2013

Time :- 4.30pm to 6.30 pm

Venue :- Alcatel-Lucent, Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore

Register here -> http://alnbengaluru.doattend.com/ [ This is a free event, we have limited seat it is first come first served]

Session 1 :- “Organizational Change Management to Agile”  – 4.45 pm to 5.30 pm

Speaker -> Murthy SN Bhamidi , Director in the Wireless Division of Alcatel-Lucent India 

Few years back our Business Unit embarked on a large scale transformation to respond to highly competitive telecom landscape. Agile has been one of the cornerstone pillars of this transformation endeavor. In this talk Murthy will make an attempt to narrate the agile journey highlighting the challenges faced especially in the areas of organization structures, leadership, attitudes, and other people aspects. Identifying agility gaps and ensuring delivery and transformation at the same time is extremely challenging and brings a lot of hardships. This talk will give a peek in to some of the real issues and lessons learnt while embarking on large scale agile adoption in a large distributed multinational R&D organization creating complex mission critical products.

Session 2:-  Agile Innovation Game  by Team Valtech India Systems Pvt Ltd   – 5.45 pm to 6.30 pm

 Agile innovation games are “serious games” that transform businesses like never before and also bring in a deeper insight into everyday work. These games are intriguing, motivating, and innovative. In this session an expert team from Valtech presents– My Worst Nightmare.

Register here -> http://alnbengaluru.doattend.com/ [ This is a free event, we have limited seat it is first come first served]


Parking – ALU has about 4 floors for parking in the area which is just adjacent next to the office building. Any available free space for cars and bikes from 1st Floor to 4th Floor (Not Ground Floor) can be used for parking. If anybody has an issue while parking or finding the location please call Gopal @  9611133893

Security – Do not bring any cameras and anybody bringing laptops will have to enter it into the visitor register.

Register here -> http://alnbengaluru.doattend.com/

Speaker profile

Speaker Murthy SN Bhamidi , Director in the Wireless Division of Alcatel-Lucent India

Murthy is passionate about the application of Agile and Lean principles to empower and unleash the true potential of engineers, and to meet stringent customer needs faster and better. Murthy is a certified Scrum Master and certified Product owner. He has been actively driving large scale adoption of Scrum, Kanban and key agile engineering practices at ALU. Murthy is an active member of engineering proficiency council under NASSCOM working on bridging the gap between industry needs and the engineering talent pool coming out of Indian engineering colleges.  Murthy is also a member of Telecom Special Interest Group under NASSCOM


November 2012 meeting: Agility and People Management


6 pm to 6.30pm – Registration & settling down
6.30 to 6.45 Context setting of theme
6.45 to 7.30 Session1 – Badri ( Agile & Managers )
7.30 to 7.45 – break
7.45 to 8.30 – Session 2 – Ravi (Agile Management – Driving Leadership & Complexity of Change)
8.30 to 8.35 – Summing up & Retrospection

Topics –  Agile & Managers by Badri Agile Management – Driving Leadership & Complexity of Change by RaviKumar

When: Thursday Nov 8th 2012, 6:00pm to 8:30pm

Where: Yahoo! Software Development Pvt. Ltd., Sunriver building, EGL [ Embassy Golf Links ]Business Park, Intermediate Ring Road Bangalore, 560071,

Parking advice:  Available at Yahoo! Software Development Pvt. Ltd., Sunriver building [ Embassy Golf Links ]Business Park, Intermediate Ring Road Bangalore, 560071,

Pre-Register Via Linkedin


There are several critical organizational needs that are not directly addressed by agile methods, e.g., performance management and career progression, etc. Looking at this from an utopian viewpoint, one might say that there is no real need for these for ‘self-organizing’ teams, but there is always a practical perspective. While Agile tends to underplay the role of manager for Agile teams, in reality there is hardly any organization that does not have a manager.

Typically, among other things, managers are responsible for people management activities such as Goal setting, Performance management and Rewards strategy for Agile teams. This used to be somewhat easier, even if not completely perfect, when individual goals for each roles in the project team could be set.

With Agile teams, where boundaries start fading this becomes challenging and confronts us with many interesting questions, such as: How do you set goals for Agile teams? When there is no single source of ‘truth’ in terms of being an independent and objective view, how do you set team goals and allocate the, at individual level, and then how do you go about measuring the performance at both individual and team level? And finally, how do you do rewards and recognition when the work is owned at team level? How do you identify and groom future technical leaders from out of a team?

Attend the November meeting of Agile Leadership Network to find out.

Agile & Managers

Badri N Srinivasan is working as Head – Quality and Agile Coach/Agile Trainer for Valtech India Systems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India.

The presentation will focus on the characteristics of an Agile Manager and the role of a Manager in agile teams. Additionally, the session will focus on goal setting in an agile environment, agile team measurements, techniques for agile performance management and rewards strategy and how to give and receive feedback in agile teams. Overall, the focus will be on the role of a Manager in agile teams and the techniques for performance management in agile teams.

Agile Management – Driving Leadership & Complexity of Change

RaviKumar, Group  Manager, Agile/Lean  coach  & consultant, HCL Technologies Ltd.

Management of people and projects are integral to running businesses. Adoption of agile software development are on the increase for producing better quicker faster and better everything. But is there enough in agile software development methods for management or should one look outside of agile methods for better management practices that compliments agile software development. This talk takes a critical look at agile principles, software development as a complex adaptive system, and the importance/role of management as organisations and teams transition to agile.

About speakers

Badri N Srinivasan is working as Head – Quality and Agile Coach/Agile Trainer for Valtech India Systems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India. The total years of experience in the IT industry is 13+ yrs and the overall experience is 19+ years and he has extensive experience in process implementation and organizational change management processes and process improvement initiatives in the travel, retail, manufacturing, real estate, mortgage and banking and financial services domains. He is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA and a certified Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB). His extensive experience includes coaching, managing, mentoring, and training scrummasters, product owners and project managers.


Agile is more of a philosophy than a software methodology to Ravi. He is passionate about agile software development and building capable software teams. He has played various roles from a developer, manager, consultant and coach in his vast experience over the past 15 years. In his current role as an lean/agile coach at HCL, mentor and evangelist he helps organisations/engagements transition to agile and coach project teams in implementing and adopting lean/agile practices.


July 2012 meeting: Agile and its impact on Leadership

Date: 19-July-2012

Timing: 5:30pm to 8pm

Venue: Valtech, Maas Unique – 30/A, 1st Main Road Industrial Suburb, 3rd Phase J.P. Nagar Bangalore – 560078, Phone: +91 80 26079000

Parking advice: Visitors need to park their vehicles on the road near the mini forest outside Valtech office.

We thank Valtech for hosting this event!

Photos of the July meeting are here (click here)!

Session 1: Agile Leadership in Driving Cultural Change (Download presentation)

Presenter: Sujatha Balakrishnan, COO & Delivery Head for Valtech India Systems Pvt Ltd

This talk will review the concept of Agile Leadership as it is described in the Agile Manifesto, within the context of well-known leadership concepts and methods.

Agile is about Adaptive Leadership and is more than simply removing impediments or driving tasks to completion, but rather managing and embracing the tension of being both leader and servant, task master and coach depending on the situation.

Adaptive leadership requires a fundamental shift in mindset and this can be win-win condition for the individuals and organization. Management has to move to a facilitative leadership style and break down traditional hierarchies.

About the presenter:

Sujatha Balakrishnan has 30 years of IT industry Experience.

She was part of Valtech India delivery team to support and co-ordinate the agile transformation activities under the leadership of Craig Larman. Her project delivery experience spans both offshore and DuoShore for various international clients in Europe and USA adopting Agile methods coupled with best practices of ISO and CMM. Valtech was one of the first few organizations to blend Agile and CMM and achieve Level 5 certification. She was instrumental in transforming projects from waterfall model to Agile and successfully delivering values to customers and achieving Organization goals consistently.

She has participated in several national /international conferences as a speaker and panel member covering topics on Process improvements , Agile, Agile offshore, Agile testing, Agile Project management and Agile Adoption.

Prior to Valtech, She worked for HCL, DCM Data Products, UB group, BFL and Majoris Systems where she managed development , Quality Assurance, Quality Control , Technical Training , Quality Consulting and delivery. She led several key development projects in the manufacturing, Banking & Financial Services, Retail , Travel and MIS application domains.

Her Specialties include Customer relationship , Continuous process improvements using Measurements and  Lean thinking.

She is a certified ISO lead Auditor and Certified Agile Scrum Master and has helped multinational organizations in USA and Europe to achieve ISO 9001/27001  and CMM Certifications.

Session 2: Business Case for Agile – Time for ROI Check (Download presentation)

Presenter: Tathagat Varma, Head of Strategic Programs, Outsourced Product Development and Business Operations at Yahoo!

Agile movement formally started over a decade back, and agile thinking has now gradually permeated at all organizational levels. Very similar to the lean linking, where it is more important to optimize the whole rather than the parts, the agile world now stands at crossroads – what was initially designed as a development paradigm for software teams is now stretched across the entire value creation chain of software development. However, if other parts of this chain still operate in traditional methods, the ROI of agile thinking might fail to accrue desired benefits. What is the real story? Let’s do an ROI check.

About the presenter:

Tathagat has been involved with hi-tech software product development over the last twenty one  years with Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), and subsequently with Siemens Telecom (now known as Nokia Siemens), Philips Medical Systems and Philips Digital Networks divisions, Huawei Technologies, McAfee and NetScout Systems prior to joining at Yahoo! in significant technical and leadership roles, including starting-up and heading India operations for NetScout Systems between 2004 and 2009. His core expertise is large-scale new product development, project management, strategic program management, software engineering, process improvement, agile software development, general management, leadership development, organizational change management and cultural transformation. At Yahoo!, he manages strategic programs (including center-wide agile adoption), business operations and outsourced product development.

Tathagat volunteers with PMI (NPDSIG) and IEEE Technology Management Council and has been a visiting faculty on Project Management and Business Ethics courses. He has authored and presented multiple papers and talks at national and international conferences, and is a sought-after speaker in the industry on these topics. He also blogs on his views on strategy, leadership, execution and management of software development at http://www.managewell.net

Leadership meetings

Once a week, every Saturday at 9am


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